1. George P. Burdell

    Yes, just like that. Now let me find you a black man and a video camera and we will be rich like the Kardashians.

  2. CK

    “Sure, NOW you know how to open your mouths you mediocre ingrates!”

  3. Oh NOW you remember how to speak, you little bitch. Wait till we get home….

  4. “Maybe if we go on Twitter and ask they will give it to us for FREE!?”

  5. cc

    That dog should keep his tongue to himself…filthy creature.

  6. “Oh no! I forgot to be a famewhore!”

  7. dennis

    “Oh did cat just tear your ear off? Don’t complain because it had your tongue earlier on live TV and it didn’t bother you then…..”

  8. I see they’ve at least learned SOMETHING from their mom.

  9. “Since you don’t want to use your mouth to talk, you better use it for something else. Mommy’s got bills to pay.”

  10. Little Tongue

    “Mom?! There’s a guy, Kim Jung something, who says he’s our bio dad?! What’s up with THAT?”

  11. “How dare you embarrass me on national TV! That’s it… I’m giving you to the Octomom!”

  12. mr. Big

    I don’t know, I find her sexy. Bang the shit out of that. 100% hotter than the typical hausfrau trolling the streets.

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