1. cc

    Jake Gyllenhaal is photobombing the ‘attorney walking home from work on casual Friday’…that’s what being in the Prince of Persia will do to you.

  2. And Elvis Costello.

  3. Dick Thinder: brain doctor

    You guys REALLY mislabeled this pic of Moms Mabley.

  4. And BeyoncĂ© and countless other hot women ride this? He must have a big dick…or money.

  5. Icehawg

    The researcher is carefully following so that he does not arouse the suspicions of the rare “Douche-optomus” in its natural habitat.

  6. mr. Big

    Jay-Z looks like MushMouth from Fat Albert cartoon. Goggle it if you don’t know what Im talking about.

  7. “Hey, y’all, where are my Skittles and Iced Tea?”

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