1. Wait, wait, wait…. so the whole circumcision thing is just a chance to touch baby dicks? GENIUS!

  2. Look at all your different colored hats!

  3. Please-a listen…. We cannot give back what the Romanos took… Sorry but finder’s keepers…

  4. yoop

    “The Pope, a rabbi, and an imam walk into a bar…”

  5. “So, no one wants that last pork chop?”

  6. Big beard guy has Yarmulke envy

  7. These guys sure love pairs of tiny little white buns

  8. Echo5

    The VP of Sales for Kleenex’s wet dream

  9. fred

    “Before we order, I want to see credit cards! You guys aren’t going to stick ME with this bill.”

  10. evilstamos

    “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…”

  11. “All right, enough with the bread and soda water. Where are the little boys?!”

  12. maoix

    Pope: Howzabout we screw some kids?
    Rabbis: Out of what?

  13. cc

    I’ll have a BLT

  14. crb

    “Sorry, but for killing our Jeezus, you all must die. Enjoy your last meal. No, we’ve already agreed to split the check, stop trying to reneg after the ink is dry.”

  15. Good luck trying to settle THAT check

  16. The petit pains were not popular.

  17. idk. i gave the blow to the girl to carry.
    -where is she? -Lindsay?

  18. Swearin

    “Just gimme a second, I can do this…c’mon damnit, turn into wine…do NOT embarrass me in front of these guys!”

  19. “And I’ma gatherin my clothes and asneakin out tha door when I notice a bottle on his nightstand for asomethin called Valtrex. That’s when I decided, no more Paris Hilton parties.”

  20. “So what do you Jews call these hard little donuts?”

  21. “Gentleman we have to protect our phoney baloney jobs”

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