1. fred

    Josh, Josh-over here.
    Josh-were you trying to look like Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs, or are you just high?

  2. Mohawk Disco

    When I feel guilt about pretending to be an actor I just imagine holding two Too Too Trains in my hands. Then I smash them together.

  3. catapostrophe

    Which of Hartnett’s invisible sock puppets is Ian Somerhalder?

  4. Somerhalder must be down below.

  5. cc

    He’s envisioning Christina Hendricks

  6. meh

    So Ashton’s career was here and I was here. Pretty much neck and neck….then my agent talked me into doing Hollywood Homicide while Ashton kept doing MTV and bought shares in Facebook, Google, and eventually playing the dude who created Apple.

  7. coljack

    I was going to say that seeing Josh Hartnett again is like seeing Elvis come back from the dead, but then I realized, nah, it’s more like seeing Pauly Shore. He’s still alive, right?

  8. Hartnett is imagining Coco is in front of him and he’s tuning in Tokyo.

  9. Icehawg

    “Yes, literally. Hamm’s dick is LITERALLY this long.”

  10. Johnny Depp and Tommy Lee Jones’ love child.

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