1. Uhmmm Paz, that’s what we’ve been saying for a while now too…

  2. Mohawk Disco

    You will pay the price for your lack of vision!!!

  3. dennis

    “Stop!! Getting hammered time!”

  4. Every inch of her is shiny.

    • crb

      Being the heir to a generations-old family-run pig farm in the ancient town of Gijón has its advantages.
      All the paparazzi-shielding hog-suet she can slather on.

  5. I think Jamie Foxx did this character better on “In Living Color”.

  6. Vladimir

    Next on American Horror Story: Coven…

  7. “No photos please…I came to this well known celebrity spot to do drugs in peace and get carried out of here drunk off my ass.”

  8. Someone dropped some cash at Contempo Casuals! Get it, girl!!

  9. dixonblonde

    “End up like Belushi? So what if I did? She has big tits and was in The Matrix. Buuurrrrn.”

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