1. In best Arnold voice, “It’s not a tumor.”

  2. c'est bien

    good to know that tiny face mitt romney meme still isn’t dead

  3. Want to freak yourself out?

    Hold your thumb upside down and cover only her eyes, nose, mouth. Then look at that jaw outline

  4. CK

    Please don’t sing, please don’t sing, please don’t sing…

  5. There’s no doubt whatsoever that Jay Leno boned Demi Moore 25 years ago.

  6. Eric Stolz should sue.

  7. Corky

    Jesus Christ! With the money her parents’ have, you think they would have sprung for her to have that hockey mask face broken and reset. How do they get that whole thing in the camera shot? She better thank Satan for making her parents wealthy and famous, otherwise that freak would be short order cooking in the back of a diner. You know, where the customers couldn’t see her.

  8. She’d have a pretty face if there were less of it

  9. Mrs Handsome Squidward

  10. cc

    The mystery of Easter Island is solved…they moved!!!

  11. Out_of_fucks

    They’re remaking “The Mask”? I wonder who will play Cher’s part?

  12. officelinebacker

    if her and Reese Witherspoon ran chin first into each other it would be the equivalent of crossing the streams in Ghostbusters.

  13. Mr. Virginia Tech

    I did not know that Mr. Potato Head came with a red wig.

  14. elephantman

    I hate to say it guys but a feel sorry for her, there is no way that chin can be fixed. She’s probably a very nice person.

    • Are you saying her chin is irreparable based on your vast medical knowledge and contacts in the Willis household or are you just blowing smoke out your ass again?

  15. The Dude

    Here’s to hoping that “songbyrd” is an animated flick where she is only doing a voiceover.

  16. anonymous

    I thought she spend a bunch of (ex-step)/daddy’s and mommy’s money for a doctor to shave her jaw down? Looks like it’s grown back.

  17. Schadenfreude

    The live action movie adaptation of “The Fairly Odd Parents” is currently in the works. Today’s auditions were for “The Crimson Chin.”

  18. Cock Dr

    Granted it is big and not at all feminine but jeez people not everyone is so insecure & goddamned hung up on facial perfection that they feel compelled to go under the knife and have their face cracked open for the hope of some “improvement”.
    Remember, any extensive corrective surgery on the mouth & jaw is going to curtail fellatio activities for a very long time. Priorities!

  19. The Pope

    Who took the photo? Picasso?

  20. Not seen: Laura Dern, who passed out after feeling that face!

  21. I’m convinced she’s the daughter of Guy Smiley from Sesame Street.

  22. Inida Phacial

    Apparently, like the ears and nose, the chin continues to grow as we age.

  23. So, Rumer Willis is now doing Lindsay Lohan impressions?

  24. Satan's Right Hand

    The Rocky Dennis Story coming to select theaters this MLK weekend

  25. lawn

    Aw, I don’t even want to make insults any more. I just feel sorry for her.

  26. Little Tongue

    Either Demi has a very large vagina or Rumer was born via c-section. There’s no other option.

  27. Walter Peck

    Rumer, my good ol’ reliable plow horse.

  28. Even Haley Joel Osment is going ‘What the fuck?’

  29. Somewhere,,,there is an Anthropologist whacking off to this picture,,,no it’s not me.

  30. I thought Rocky Dennis died at the end?

  31. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos


  32. Little Tongue

    I just can’t imagine what it’s like to be 2 inches of chin from being fucking hot.

  33. bee-rad

    Why the long face?

  34. Body: 125% zoom
    Face: 75% zoom

  35. anonym

    her eyes nose and mouth are too small for her face.

    I dunno whether to laugh or feel sorry for her.

    Man, Darwin didn’t do her any favors

  36. profoundwisdom

    tumor willis

  37. She looks like a caricature of Joe from “Family Guy.” Did anyone say that yet?

  38. Regan MacNeil

    Keep your chin up. You’re unique and very one of a kind. It’s not just anybody that can have a head like a huge sweet potato with hair on it and still get work.


    Get a picture of Rumer’s face and stretch it horizontally until it looks pretty damn close to correct proportions. Now go back and look at the original…

    It looks like the original photo is the one that’s been Photoshopped.
    Pretty fucking eerie!

  40. Hugh G. Rection

    Did Demi ever fool around with Jay Leno?

  41. it doesn’t matter about her moon face….I would be looking so deep into her eyes while making love to her I wouldn’t notice….

  42. You know she’d be really pretty if she got a chin reduction.

  43. Andie

    Ugh. Isn’t there a plastic surgery for this? I mean with all the fake titties and fish lips out there… this would be an appropriate situation for plastic surgery and she doesn’t get it done. I would, if I were her. I really would.

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