1. SSHGuru

    They make a cute couple.

  2. “That’s one horse of a tale, Matthew…”

  3. Ferris Beullers day out of the closet.

  4. “Take my horse, please.”

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Men aren’t looking too bad now, huh Matt?

  6. “Swing low, sweet hairy cock…”

  7. Considering what he has to look at every morning when he opens his eyes, are you really going to judge?

  8. LadyLynna

    “Oh em gee, did you see that girl on the previous page? hellooo skin cancer!”

  9. Cock Dr

    Nope, nothing at all gay here to see. More along.

  10. Matthew: “Have you seen my wife’s shoe collection?”
    Mario: “Sweetheart that’s too gay even for me”

  11. Frank The Duck

    “Matt, you have oat breath….”

  12. Mario: “You’re a little tall for a jockey, aren’t you?”

  13. Venom

    So they finally decided to take their relationship public?

  14. squishy

    I think anyone that was married to SJP would consider switching teams!

  15. Warren Piece

    Hip Hop? No – I only get to listen to Clip-Clop.

  16. OK, great! So which one plays Porgy and which one plays Bess?

  17. Contusion

    “Matthew Broderick and Mario Cantone at the opening of Porgy and Bess.” Close caption version: Gay Gay and Gay Gay at the Gay of Gay and Gay.

  18. Harry Balsaque

    Wanna go for drive?

    Eh…No thanks

  19. chichi

    Mario Cantone has been friends and a co worker with SJP for years. Grow up small minded people!!

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