1. Mcdoubler

    This is what my dog does when he has an itchy bum! i mean…aloha!

  2. Always nice to hear a farted version of God Bless America

  3. Is she’s smiling because she landed on an 8″ black dildo?

  4. My four year old nephew falls down and laughs about it too, but we don’t call it a talent.

  5. The Pope

    How she gets up those steps like that is friggin’ amazing!

  6. Johnny P!

    Scooting because you have worms is not a talent.
    Now, if she’s stating what she’d do to bring about World Peace at the same time, then I’m impressed…

  7. boing

    Simply, gross.

  8. “Performing the Lady Gaga hit ‘Born This Way’ on a Sit and Spin, Miss Hawaii!!”

  9. tito

    cheape is hawaiian for “young girl’s calves, grandma’s thighs”.

  10. Rocky

    Where’s her Hula Hoop and PLUMERIA LEI, are you sure that she’s even Hawaiian.

  11. Warren Piece

    “OH MY GOD! You meant _speak_ into the microphone? I thought you said _queef_!”.

  12. ” For her the talent competition this evening, Miss Hawaii is doing an imitation of someone in a kayak.”

  13. tlmck

    I wonder if they give style points for falling on your ass.

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