1. DeucePickle

    It’s cute when they fight over who gets the last three chili dogs

  2. O'chunt

    Dog expired a few seconds before this photo was taken, obviously.

  3. They are staring at her cooch rash.

  4. I think having a dash mounted microwave oven was probably a bad idea.

  5. Deacon Jones

    “Damn it…Beth…there’s beer on that CD. Dont cut it out on that one…”

  6. Beth isn’t the prettiest girl around, but how she is able to kiss that face is beyond me.

  7. Goddamnit! Who buried Randy Savage in that cemetery from the Steven King book?

  8. Star Droppings

    Xzibit finally figured out how to mount tanning bed lights under the navigation system.

  9. Cock Dr

    What’s wrong with that guy that he looks like that?
    That ain’t right.

  10. “If my tits hang any lower, we’re gonna have to get new floor mats.”

  11. What the actual fuck is this?

  12. Frank The Duck

    It’s new – Spray on Apache Tan!

  13. ss109

    Is Coco cheating on Ice-T?

  14. “Ho ho ho ho … Ha ha ha ha…this bounty hunter is my kind of scu – hey, he looks just like me! Into the Rancor pit!”

  15. Venom

    How is this guy still alive?

  16. Bonky

    Both of them look like they are going to explode if they cant figure out how to turn on the air conditioner.

  17. tito

    dude better hope some spf30 hits its wife.

  18. Vit

    They look like they’ve been taking way too many carrot pills.

  19. Warren Piece

    Is this an episode of Alien Autopsy?

  20. ticonderoga

    Dog totally needs more of a tan

  21. squishy

    I’m willing to bet big money that these are the same clothes that they were wearing at age 17…and I mean the exact same clothes.

  22. “Dog, I’ve read and read this manual from cover to cover and nothing says how to turn off the damned radio!”

  23. Contusion

    You left out the (right). As in: Duane “Dog” Chapman (right) and his wife Beth in Beverly Hills.

  24. HailSatan

    That car must smell bad.

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