1. SSHGuru

    Nicole looks tired carrying that nasty woman around all day.

    • nick

      THAT was f’ing funny – no one got it!

      • I appreciate slut/horse face jokes and captions as much as the next guy, but when you put them to a girl who is a) obviously not a horse face b) not really known for Paparazzi tips-offs, it just comes of as easy, cheap, and retarded for the hopes of recognition.

        However, if this were Sarah Jessica Parker or Hillary Swank riding the horse, the joke would have been funny. Cheap and easy, but still kinda funny.

      • Trek Girl

        Just for the record, I read this comment before anyone responded to it, and I thought it was hilarious. If SSHGuru had made this joke about Sarah Jessica Parker or Hilary Swank, as Willie Dixon had suggested, it wouldn’t have been funny, in my opinion; jokes about them have been done to death – we get it, they have horse-face. Nicole Scherzinger, however, is new and very fertile ground, ripe for the picking and joke-making.

  2. WTF? Did she get held up in Mexico a little while back? Did she develop Stockholm syndrome?

  3. “Riding in the desert on horse with no name.”

  4. I would let her ride my face.

  5. Watch out for her new book, How to Give a Horse the Clap in One Easy Step.

  6. That’s one lucky saddle horn.

  7. “Vadges? We don’t need no stinking vadges!”

  8. it had to be said

    “This horse’s schlong is as big as this arm!”

  9. Johnny P!

    Why is Sarah Jessica Parker giving Nicole a piggy-back on the beach news?

  10. Evil Dick Tater

    For a second I thought it was Kim Kardashian and wondered how long it took for the horse to buckle.

  11. “SeƱora, the group is headed *this* way, so if you will stop attention whoring, por favor.”

  12. Frank The Duck

    “Fuck you Lewis, this brown cock is bigger..”

  13. Pancho

    All of those Mexican tourist horses have fleas! Now she’ll be infested with them for months.

  14. Warren Piece

    Nicole gets used to her judge’s chair for X-Factor Mexico

  15. When I die I want to come back as her saddle.

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