1. JimBB

    The next one of you motherfuckers who calls me corrupt is going to end up FLOATING IN THE FUCKING EAST RIVER! UNDERSTOOD?

  2. Pickle Nose

    He’s trying to be remorseful, but all he can think about is strombolli.

  3. “Yes, I WAS planning on running for President in 2016, however things change.”

  4. Juch

    “That’s it, we’re done here. I will only answers questions about bridges if they are built of chocolate and cross over a river of nougat. Mmmm, nougat!”

  5. He has an American flag lapel pin so he must be telling the truth.

  6. Watching the political aspirations of this fat bully and thug go down the toilet is certainly sweet.

  7. “yes, members of my staff were involved in a punitive closure of lanes on the George Washington bridge that resulted in great inconvenience and danger to the people of Fort Lee, but in my defense New Jersey is a shithole”

  8. curious

    Aren’t you supposed to LOSE weight when you get a lap band installed?

  9. Are people in New York so self absorbed that they don’t realize that the rest of the country couldn’t give a shit about this so called issue?

    • Chris Christie is the governor of New Jersey, not New York. The lane closings were in New Jersey, not New York.

      The people of New York don’t care one way or the other.

  10. “No no you misunderstood my aide when he said I was “fisting” him, it was like this… hand to hand in this game we used to pla… wait… he’s _alive_?”

  11. Vlad

    I accept Haley’s challenge to a staring contest

  12. “I just called this press conference to say…Get over it! I’m the governor of Jersey for Christ sake! I really hope that all of you can look deep into your hearts and ask yourself what did you really expect?… This is all on you!”

  13. A Real American Folks!

    Another real patriot under attack by the liberals and mainstream media. When will you libs cease your witch hunts!

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