1. JimBB

    Wife looks thrilled. I married Marty McFly and got Stephen Hawking instead.

  2. Swearin

    Photographers shouldn’t try to distract him when he’s signing autographs, he probably needs to concentrate

  3. AlwaysPissedOff

    She’s really aging well…

  4. Garrison Keillor made the Superficial?

  5. Looks like things were a little shaky there for a second.

  6. Smapdi

    How nice, they are double dating with Lindsay Lohan and Joey Fatone.

  7. “Michael, is it true that you’re suing Amazon over 1-Click?”

    “Yes, I’ve lost thousands because of it!”

  8. rican

    “Hey Michael! Stand still!”

  9. Let’s be honest. Couldn’t you really just write your own Micheal J. Fox autograph?

  10. stinkfinger

    Surprisingly, his glasses seem to have a hard time staying on.

  11. Do any of us really think it matters if he looks at what he’s autographing?

  12. The guy in the back is pissed because he can’t read Michael J Fox’s autograph.

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