1. Hey Billy…Grumpy cat called……

  2. JimBB

    This is the most embarrassing and undignified moment in this dog’s life–and just yesterday it drank from the toilet, ate its own poop, and tried to bite a mirror after seeing its own reflection.

  3. brick

    Hey camera dudes! Please stop paying attention to this ass clown! You’re only encouraging him!

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    This pic of Shia LaDouche has me more convinced than ever that time machines exist.

  5. That dog’s face screams: I’ve seen some shit…

  6. Aren’t retarded peoples’ helper dogs supposed to wear those yellow vests?

  7. Swearin

    Given the success of Duck Dynasty, HBO has decided to take a Jon Snow & Ghost-centric 4th season in a new direction to appeal to a wider demographic

  8. Cock Dr

    This is Billy’s homage 2 Farrah Fawcett.
    Will not speculate RE: dog
    Will not speculate RE: dog
    Will not speculate RE: dog

  9. Joe Blow

    Why isn’t he in Kentucky, impregnating his blood relatives?

  10. I think I saw this in Playgirl, April 1987.

  11. Smapdi

    Looks like they have the same barber.

  12. anonymous

    They make UGG classics for men? LOL

  13. Joe

    How better to top off the “I’m a badass” look than a pair of Uggs?

  14. rican

    Trying too hard to look like the white Kanye.

  15. Cuddles

    Ha! That’s either a bald spot or his grey roots are showing. Either way, it makes me smile.

  16. Not sure whether the sad look in the dog’s eyes is a cry for help or it begging for someone to kill him, but it sure is not happiness.

  17. Primitivefix06

    Anyone know what kind of dog that is? It’s beautiful.

  18. Photographer: “Hey Billy Ray, a douche says what?”
    Billy Ray Cyrus: “What?”

  19. Billy really needs a sheep dog if he’s going to sport that look.

  20. This is like those Honda Christmas commercials parodying Michael Bolton. Except it’s real.

  21. Was this painted on velvet when you got it from the photo agency?

  22. Jade

    Does his wife know he’s wearing her Uggs? Now if only he’d use her hairbrush.

  23. Jentilly

    Lol I don’t know what’s douchier, his hair or his uggs (aren’t they all the rage with teenage girls?)

  24. yourmom

    NO. You are NOT Jon Snow. Just, knock that shit off, fucking hillbilly.

  25. lawn

    “Hey, what’s with the mutt on the end of the leash?”

    “That’s not a mutt, he’s purebred.”


  26. Janelle

    Well, the dog is beautiful. Maybe, next time, FishDude, you could photoshop the ugly bearded, hermit out of the pix, please.

  27. Jenn

    He needs to cover up those gray roots. There’s no covering up the stupidity.

  28. swalton

    You know nothing Jon Snow

  29. AnnaD.

    He might attempt to hide his face behind a curtain of hair but the smell of douche gives him away every time. Poor dog, what it must be going through…

  30. He should have a sheep dog.

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