1. Hugh G. Rection

    Do they test for steroids in pro tennis?

  2. Doping control in tennis is a damned joke. Read up on Operacion Puerto. Dr. Puentes worked with footballers, tennis players, cyclists, etc.

  3. meh

    If that skirt were any shorter, you could see his balls.

  4. I take back my comment from yesterday…she makes RG3 look tiny.

  5. rican

    Stretch Armstrong, tanned and in drag.

  6. Flatliner

    What’s the over/under on what she’s packing under that skirt?

  7. coljack

    “Serena, any truth to the rumors that you’re using steroids?”


  8. Is this ANOTHER Tyler Perry movie? “Madea gets jacked”?

  9. “Ask mean question again and die by Snu Snu!”

  10. Can you imagine if her and Mike Tyson had a kid?

    It would come out her womb like the Uruk-Hai from Fellowship of the Ring.

  11. twister's 1

    ewww, such an ugly dud

  12. creemygoodness

    The number one reason people have for NOT working out, is they don’t have TIME…

  13. dixonblonde

    About one bad whiteface makeup job away from a “White Chicks” sequel.

  14. I can’t wait for Pacific Rim 2.

  15. 25M — How High Can You Go?

  16. They misspelled ‘Burly’.

  17. Fred Fondlebaum

    Earl Campbell called — he wants his thighs back.

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