1. he looks like a nice man

  2. Roseanne isn’t looking too shabby these days.

  3. Looks like Coffy ate the whole cake.

  4. Kim Kardashian actually looks a little better without her make-up, in this photo.

  5. In 1972 she starred in the film The Big Bird Cage… which is appropriate… seeing as right now that chick could never fit in a _small_ birdcage.

  6. NineInchNailed

    This woman is awesome and a legend. Yes she’s heavier now than before but even before she was no stick figure. She looked even better in Jackie Brown, in my opinion.

    Aging naturally, no horrible botoxed face or swollen lips. I’d take her over a fake young whore with inflated lips, breast and ass implants, any day.

  7. “I am here to tell all the pretty girls out there that Father Time is one mean muthafucka and you don’t always have to supersize your value meal.”

  8. “I look like this because my diet consisted of having delicious shake for breakfast and lunch…and dinner. I really like shakes!”

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