1. Hey Now

    I eat dead people.

  2. Still the most constipated looking person I’ve ever seen.

  3. Can we just get the Teddy Kennedy biopic over with, already?

  4. JimBB

    “So, Haley, what’s your next project? Uh…..Haley? Hello?”

  5. catapostrophe

    “I pee red, people.”

  6. He needs to stop eating whatever it is that he’s allergic to

  7. “I see…chocolate cake. Ha, just kidding, I ate that yesterday.”

  8. son of Flubber

    ‘Cabbage Patch – The Movie’

  9. Vlad

    Okay, who turned off the Haleybot?

  10. He’s going to go home and cry himself to sleep on his huge pillow.

  11. “The real twist of The Sixth Sense wasy that the kid was Jonah Hill all along!” – M Night Shyamalan

  12. Bob

    Young Old Val Kilmer

  13. Slappy Magoo

    The Loneliest Osmond.

  14. It’s like everything about him grew up except his face.

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