1. Pickle Nose

    She’s all ass and side-boob. I have to say her daily cry for attention on instagram is wearing me down.

  2. s

    If you read the hat, you’re doing it wrong

  3. Frank Burns

    Duck Cleavagey

  4. It’s cool she’s achieved the realization that her entire worth as a human being is as transport for a set of big, fake tits. Well done.

  5. Due to a page change glitch, I got the Aubrey photo, but still had the Michael J Fox comments. It was the best part of my day.

  6. Cover it up as much as you like… I still know you’re cross-eyed.

  7. I had a dream that I fell down that cleavage.

  8. She’s so fucking sexy. I need to rest my head on those tits.

  9. $5 it isn’t her. I’m betting she’ll prove me wrong for that $5.

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