1. “HAHA Jokes on him. I crushed his head from a distance.. Oh.. wait…

  2. JimBB

    Only President Camacho could pull off a jacket like that.

  3. ‘Yeah, so I was digging through my closet and said to myself ‘Dayyum, that be 35 dollars worth of sky blue corduroy sport jacket, somebody better be wearin’ that!”

    • Johnny Barbells

      …a right-wing conservative who also thinks racist accents are funny …i’m shocked.

      • It’s from ‘Everybody hates Chris’, a show produced, written, directed and starring almost exclusively African Americans. Including Terry Crews. Dumbfuck. Now go tell Chris Rock he’s a racist.

  4. hollygolightly1105

    “So wait, it’s this small?”
    “No, I’d say it’s bigger than that. But not much”

  5. He could probably flick you with his pinky and put you in the hospital.

  6. I don’t know where you go to buy a lapel-less blue corduroy jacket, but I bet they sell a lot of big hats with feathers in them.

  7. donkeylicks

    Django Unchained has had some unforeseen consequences in this man’s life.

  8. Pepito

    Why is he wearing the curtains ?

  9. “Yeah, yeah, you’re squishing my head… you Kids In The Hall guys can get annoying real fast”

  10. He’s ensconced himself in velvet.

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