1. Pickle Nose

    Looks astonishingly normal.

  2. Cock Dr

    When she’s covered up and it’s early enough in the day that she hasn’t yet stuck her head deep in the booze trough she looks ok.

  3. those pants would be skin tight on someone with an ass. At least I hope they’re not skin tight on her now…

  4. As the guy in Apocalypto said ‘Almost’.

  5. Never has the word “street walker” been more appropriate

  6. donkeylicks

    BioShock splicer designs keep improving I see.

  7. Wow…she’s still alive.

  8. She turned around when she thought she heard someone call her name. Not.

  9. Wanna know the scary thing? Those aren’t boots… she’s wearing capris.

  10. Jenn

    Those roach stompers are not attractive.

  11. Tara Reid’s walk of shame is when she can walk a straight like in heels.

  12. Clothes are our best friend, Tara.

  13. Not only does the carpet match the drapes, but the boots match the belly.

  14. Is it coming or going?

  15. Tara Reid: Losing money for many a man who plays the Hollywood death pool.

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