1. JimBB

    Is this a Ben Stiller character or a real person?

  2. yep, that’s pretty much what I’d expect somebody named Sergio Pizzorno to look like.

  3. I Google image searched him. My ladyparts are now thoroughly confused.

  4. catapostrophe

    We’re gonna have dinner delivered tonight. Pizzorno?

  5. He is taking the wolf thing a little too seriously.

  6. “Jesus Christ, Russel…we said that you and you’re wheel chair armada are NOT welcome here!”

  7. I love the reclusive famous people. They love to hate thmeselves

  8. Kenny Loggins looks pretty good

  9. bob

    nice hair, asshole

  10. tlmck

    Helena Bonham Carter’s true soul mate.

  11. Is this somebody?

  12. “I thought this was the line for the Methadone clinic.”

  13. jennablon

    Billy Ray had another son?

  14. Appearing in the sequel ‘Werewolf of wall street’.

  15. You're Fat!

    What is this?

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