1. c’mon, Russel, this is a formal affair – where’s your fancy dressin’ up ball cap and eastern european hooker?

  2. Deacon Jones

    Is this an AIDS or burn victims charity event?

  3. alex

    PLEASE take a photo with me? PLEASE!!!

  4. Toe Jam

    Run Russell!!!!

  5. cc

    Being serious for a moment. Why the fuck do people still invite this little shit to anything? Redemption appears to be easier for some than for others.

  6. Phoenix

    ^ Amen. Mel Gibson is persona non grata but this asshole is still untouchable. Fucking criminal.

  7. Hey guys! What is the secret to your success with women?
    Chris: “Find a stupid one you can punch and choke.”
    Russell: Tell your European escort you are Daryl Strawberry and wear a Yankees ball cap to sell the lie.

  8. Russell Simmons thought bubble: I can’t believe I have to do this…this guy is SUCH a dick!”

  9. the crazy betty

    souless eyes.

  10. Pine Table Fever

    Here we see Russell Simmons, part of one of the greatest record label of all time bringing us giants such as LL Cool J and Public Enemy – artists who will go down in history for defining and shaping rap music and Chris Brown… a cunt.

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