1. ThisWillHurt

    “I can’t believe that bitch has the same handbag as me.”

  2. So to tap the chipmunk butt you have to be in a Mexican gang? Someone get me a tattoo artist…

  3. mamamiasweetpeaches

    she likes the dirty Sanchez

  4. alex

    Unbelievable ass.

  5. Remember seeing her tits for the first time with complete disappointment? And Thora Birch’s sweet heavy melon rack just exploded off the screen? Yeah, so do I.

  6. uded

    Hey Pepe! How long does it take to shoplift my smokes! Ondolay!

  7. Tidbit

    She only lets the landscaper dry hump her reflection.

  8. What I wouldn’t do…..

  9. Sexy Suvari slinkily watches Salvador Sanchez sneakily swipe snacks… whoops, wrong celebs.

  10. Deacon Jones

    “That’s it, Salvie….the “Application for Employment” pile…..you can do it sweetie, pick it up”

  11. EricLr

    Good luck getting an actress away from her own reflection, dude.

  12. Mena’s thought balloon: “Oh, no..I forget to work out just one day, have half of a Starbucks coffee, and now I look like a Mexican gang member!”

  13. Art school photog slumming as a pap. But he didn’t sell out.

  14. “No, baby, looking through the pane of glass doesn’t make your forehead smaller.”

  15. Great. Now I’m going to have “The Lollipop Guild” theme song stuck in my head all day.

  16. KtothaJ

    They are just getting used to looking at each other through protective glass for when she goes to jail for smuggling his family over the boarder for his surprise christmas present.

  17. Bonky

    Most people just buy the bag of oranges and keep moving. You’re not supposed to fall in love with the guy on the corner that’s selling them.

  18. RisingDragonFist

    Meees Meena say I can’t leaf til i boos heir tayble

  19. Bigalkie

    WTF is a Salvador Sanchez?

  20. “Okay, Mena. Just keep admiring your reflection in the window. Salvador thinks I’m looking at him, while the photographer behind me is getting shots of my one natural talent.”

  21. So, in LA you can window shop for Mexicans?

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