1. ThisWillHurt

    “Sorry, I can’t vote today. I’m to busy with . . . Um . . . I’m famous.”

  2. Yogurt pants.

  3. When is one of her people going to tell her that you can’t just wear workout clothes all the time and expect to get thin?

  4. I just discovered a new phrase…”aggressive cellulite”

  5. Max Power

    Obligatory MOOOOOOOOOO

  6. More dimples than a golf ball.

  7. It’s not cellulite, it’s the braille edition of Whore and Piece.

  8. Cock Dr

    Like two big dogs fighting inside a burlap bag.

  9. cc

    Looks like someone carrying 80 pounds of mashed potatoes in black, plastic shopping bag.

  10. State law requires that thing to beep when it goes in reverse.

  11. FCC

    work that lard gurl!

  12. Marsellus Wallace

    Dat is a big ‘ol bag of pushin cushin!

  13. USDA Prime McBeef

    i hope all her shit dumped out of that open purse thing and some homeless dudes are going mad with Kardashian Kard at the liquor store.

  14. The stump of a pipe she held tight in her teeth,
    And the smoke it encircled her head like a wreath.
    She had a broad face and a huge ass, so smelly,
    That shook when she walked, like a bowlful of jelly!

  15. Mr. Poop

    cottage cheese in sausage casing

  16. William Mc Clintock

    fat ass, and not in a good way!
    If you were doing her doggy style, those ass cheeks would be slowing your thrust velocity down , maybe even giving you dick / ass cheek skin chafing .
    She needs an ass reduction. What distorted version of femininity is this? That ass looks like a Cubist painting !

  17. Mama Pinkus

    I will never understand the obsession with her ass – it is fat and lumpy – it is fucking disgusting

  18. Does the Island of Misfit toys need a half full bean bag chair?

  19. Mumra

    Doesn’t Kanye West have an ounce of pride?
    Admit it Kanye, if she was in the audience you wouldn’t give her a second look.

  20. biff

    I think the cows are started to get offended that people refer to her as one.

  21. Quasi

    Someone needs a diaper change…

  22. SexJihaad9/11

    This ass would actually be kinda hot on a forty something woman who’s had a couple kids. On this woman at her age however, it’s just pathetic.

  23. If you look closely, it’s very apparent that Kim has a relief map of Australia on her left butt-cheek.

  24. thenotsofunnyone

    The butt seems quite pratical to me. If she needs her hands she can just wedge her purse between her cheeks. Easy does it.

  25. Slick

    And this girl sells weight loss products?!?

  26. Pine Table Fever

    If her ass had any more mysterious craters and bumps NASA are going to send a robot to land on it.

  27. Mercedes

    kim’s like a doorknob…..everyone gets a turn

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