1. Those tits are sagging entirely too much for such a young woman. I blame Scientology and a lack of sex for the last 7+ years.

  2. She’s so zoinked out she doesn’t notice the FREAKING SKELETON HAND ON HER HIP?

  3. Tom Cruise ruined a perfectly hot young woman. Totally still would, though.

  4. Sadly, no one told her that the show was actually inside the building.

  5. She looks dynamite. Tits sagging a bit? Hell, she’s 34 years old, and that happens to natural breasts!

  6. journalschism

    What’s Thetan for, “Did you just get banged in that dress?”

  7. Martina

    She’s so good looking … why did she trade down and marry Tom?

  8. amir

    I think I’m still hot, but I’m not sure… married to a suspect man, for too many years, had baby, not sure about fashion sense, ‘hey guys…any takers?, I’ve got money!”

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