1. Natty Ice

    “Hmmm…what give? Why no Gerard Butler in here?”

  2. caley

    Hmm, what’s a worse present? Bai Ling with a bow on? Or whatever gift someone left her in there? I’d go with Bai Ling.

  3. 1NDUN

    You know there is a toilet in there because the little picture on the front shows a guy pooping.

  4. HackSaw

    This is my Christmas card pic for next year.

  5. Contusion

    Jackie Stallone got her haircut?

  6. I’d love to have some fun with her in that port-o-potty.

  7. tidbit

    Time to deliver the Yule Log.

  8. This is where she finds the aborted fetuses to use in her special dumplings.

  9. Putting a bow on the yule log you left on the seat doesn’t get you off the hook, lady.

  10. Damn outhouse huggers.

  11. Martina

    So, the Haz Mat Team was not alerted?

  12. Slutz on mah nutz

    Looks like Santa lost a smelf.

  13. Jerkposter

    The Bai Ling Special. Sucky Fucky, 2 for 1.

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