1. USDA Prime McBeef

    dead on tom sizemore impression, crowe.

  2. ♪ “Unforgettable…that’s what you are…” ♪

  3. I’m going to beat your gay, pretty face with this microphone if you don’t move your hand and stop singing to me.

  4. Contusion

    The Two Stooges

  5. Get a room, would ya?

  6. “…and then you bring the tip to your mouth like this… and geeeeeently start by kissing it.”

  7. Why are you pretending to be a bald man?
    Why are YOU pretending to be a straight man?

  8. Was Russel Crowe singing on the X-Factor finale too?

  9. EZ-B

    “Hey Russ, where’s YOUR beard?”
    “Uh, I always shave for the premieres, Hugh.”

  10. Hmmm…these guys sure seem to be hanging out a lot. Makes one wonder…

  11. LadyLynna

    “Don’t worry Russ. I’m sure there are some chubby chasers in the crowd that came to see you…”

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