1. This picture perfectly illustrates why women can’t be friends with each other…

  2. It’s like JWoww, but with a better surgeon.

  3. “I look cute as Peter Pan! Don’t I look cute as Peter Pan? Hey, aren’t I cute as… da fuck is that bitch wearing?”

  4. cc

    It would’ve been nice if the photographer had drawn attention to the guy who was choking.

  5. fred

    Molester bear is going to be pleasantly surprised when he turns around.

  6. She’s really hot. The woman in green is giving her some serious evil eye, though.

  7. anonymous

    This is what Kim K thought she looked like when she wore it for that liquor company.

  8. In every photo like this, there’s a Peter Pan cosplayer, saying it all with her eyes.

  9. All that is holy. wow.

  10. ElPolloDiablo

    The midget in the fire hydrant costume is really selling the act.

  11. life is cruel

    What does the sweaty fox say?

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