1. YadaYada


  2. That’s how you wear leather!!

    You listening Kim, you fat fucking bitch!!!

    • yeah, why isn’t this ass admired and kk’s is? I am really repulsed by kk’s ass, this one here took my breath away, and Im a hetero female.

  3. George P Burdell

    They must be knock-offs. Kayne’s design were “conveniently crotchless”

  4. cc

    I don’t think there’s even room for a thong in there.

  5. i don’t care how oxygen deprived it is, and how yeasty it has become as a result, or how smegma covered….oh wait. Shit. I found my limit. I care.

  6. I would probably be willing to spend a night in jail for running up and grabbing that ass, maybe biting it too.

  7. Skeeter

    I would be thrilled to motorboat her ass.

  8. martina

    oh my …. mm mm mm
    I’ll do that ass any time, any place

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