1. Kid on the right took that thing on her head from Daddy’s special toy drawer.

  2. Just herding the fillies.

  3. cc

    Suddenly, Amy remembered the longtime boyfriend who left her because she didn’t want kids.

  4. toopier

    Is that a Walther 9mm in her pocket, or is she just happy to see me?

  5. “Kids, remember to ask the people if they have any sugar cubes to bring back for your mommy”

  6. Thank God they all seem to have Broderick’s nose genes.

  7. SJP was too busy driving the Headless Horseman around town.

  8. Cock Dr

    Why can’t we just keep the poor kids out of it?

  9. alexxx3488

    “I already told you, Mommy can’t take you because she spooks easily with all the noise and kids running around.”

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