1. “Whoa, did you get the license plate?”

  2. Inner Retard

    Seeing Keanu happy Norman Goodman got anxious:
    - I would be happy if Keanu had no emotions whatsoever. Here’s Keanu, a being cooped up for years in dull, lifeless roles… none of the emotional growth that comes from contact with other emotional beings…
    - So…?
    - What happens if Keanu gets mad?

  3. PassingTrue

    Good think the Matrix wardrobe still fits.

  4. Dox

    “Bring me whomever wrote the script for Sweet November.”

  5. How about a sequel to Constantine? That movie was awesome.

  6. “Anybody else wanna ask if I’m, ‘Bill or Ted’? No? Didn’t think so.”

  7. Never thought I’d ever say this, but he actually looks kind of hot here. Bit of a Hans Gruber thing going on.

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