1. So… he’s been drinking and driving again?

  2. “These…cigarette tariffs…..are killing me..”

  3. Most people wear a costume on Halloween.

  4. Dressed as himself had the suicide attempt worked.

  5. That's What She Said

    Needs more jewelry to really complete the Chris Brown costume.

  6. Mike Walker

    Imagine if you really got stabbed on the way to a halloween party and everyone just laughed and waved you off as you cried for help and lay dying on the floor.

  7. cc

    He’s there to partaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy (note the TWO packs of cigarettes in his mitt).

    (FYI if you ever want to see a really bad and unintentionally funny movie, see him in ‘Match Point’)

  8. Dox

    “Costume? No man, I just solved our Kardashian problem. You’re welcome.”

  9. Don’t try to do intravenous drugs in a car on an unpaved road.

  10. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    Yeah, for it to be a costume there has to be some element of fiction to it. Doesn’t there?

  11. THIS is the hottest man alive. Ok in Hollywood. That Skarscrap character you all moan about I wouldn’t open the front door for if he knocked. This chap here, mother of god what I would do to….I watched all of Tudors just to admire his immense beauty and hotness (it was a damn good series as well). Now Dracula, come suck my boob, I mean blood.

  12. NEVER eat out 12 year olds!

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