1. Hugh G. Rection

    Joe Jonas and ten people he doesn’t want to bang

  2. No boners in this picture!
    Get it? Because of the costu…
    I’ll let myself out…

  3. (You all *wreak* of fish. Sluts)

  4. Really? EVERY ONE OF THEM dressed up as Candice Swanepoel?

  5. “See, I’m not gay!” *eyes up the football players.

  6. George P Burdell

    What said: “Do any of you girls have some lip gloss I can borrow?”

    What he was thinking: “Ten cheerleaders in one night. If this doesn’t convince people I am not gay I don’t know what will.”

  7. Schadenfreude

    Which one of these doesn’t like peen? Trick question! The answer is zero.

  8. Dox

    “I wonder if they’ll let me go in the locker room next….”

  9. .He isn’t regretting his decision to break up the Jonas brothers, he just fills out of place because his cheerleader outfit hasn’t arrived.

  10. cc

    Under his breath “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww”

  11. “I have no idea what to do with these women.”

  12. CK

    I heard his eyes lightened up and he smiled when the photographer yelled “SAY QUARTERBACK…”

  13. Rogsha

    He was hoping for a group picture with the football team…

  14. Well, women do love to have a gay guy best friend.

  15. Seriously, what thought process comes up with “Let’s take a photo of Joe Jonas with these here cheerleaders”? Who would even want to see this picture? Miami Dolphins cheerleader enthusiasts? Nope, Joe Jonas is in there. Joe Jonas fans? Well, I guess that one’s kinda rhetorical.

  16. The girl in the middle front row’s head is blocking view of his skirt.

  17. alexxx3488

    This is the second most depressing part of Joe Jonas’s night. The first was watching Andrew Dalton get sacked in overtime, and realizing a pair of big, burly arms would never wrap themselves around his slender waist, throttling and pining him to the ground.

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