1. No kid, the straw goes in your nose, not your mouth.

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    Attention all 40 year old moms out there:

    That’s what you’re supposed to look like!

    • It doesn’t matter if Daddy is a coked-up, deadbeat whoremaster, girls! What’s really important is that you employ a personal trainer, nutritionist, stylist, colorist, manicurist; that’s first! Then slice open your chest for bolt-on breasts, liposuction everywhere every year, get your face lifted, your nose sculpted, your rear streamlined with a scalpel — now you’ve got it! Because maintaining a facade men can jack off to is your primary goal in life! Raising those fatherless kids? That’s what nannies are for! Now, get to work, ladies!

      • tlmck

        You forgot about doing it all on daddy’s dime.

      • Jester

        Um, She had her bolt ons removed, so you don’t have worry about that anymore. Now get to work.

      • I’m not “worried” about Denise Richards breasts, Jester. I actually respect her very much for trying to provide a fun, family experience for her children and step-children. In her interviews she comes across as a very down-to-earth, fun woman. I’m simply pointing out that few moms have access to her level of income (some of which she does earn herself, timck; you don’t know how financially responsible Charlie Sheen chooses to be – or can be, due to his financial challenges) about caring for all the children he brought into the world. I’m not saying moms should stop caring for themselves; not at all. I just think it’s unfair to judge the average mom who loves her kids to a woman with the all of the advantages Denise Richards has. She’s a beautiful woman what she’s doing is very admirable.

      • Sorry about the poor grammar and punctuation; long day!

  3. Charlie Sheen is missing a straw… and a hooker… and a nanny….

  4. JungleRed

    Wow! She really stepped up and took in those kids for the long haul. Props.

  5. Dye her hair black and cast her in a Wonder Woman movie.

  6. This would be the most normal day of the year for the ones that belong to Brooke.

  7. cc

    Judging by Superman, they stopped at Lindsay Lohan’s house.

  8. Beer Baron

    Her eyes. So lifeless. No soul.

  9. Cuddles

    Even though Denise lost one of those boys, she’s still doing a better job than Brooke.

  10. She’s missing no less than 2 children. oh well.

  11. Dox

    I actually have nothing snarky to say.

  12. That’s pretty cool.

  13. She is Wonder where my child support is Woman.

  14. Fadició

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  15. Fradició

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  16. MarketingMike

    Every popup ad crashes my browser.
    4 pictures, 4 crashes…

  17. I don’t know the story here, but if she is really helping raise the children of her degenerate ex-husband just to give them some hint of normalcy, or at least non=junky insanity, then she deserves a lifelong pass on snark.

    • A judge actually awarded Denise temporary custody of Charlie and Brooke’s kids. She might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I have to admit that’s some heart right there.

  18. LLBL

    She’s a good person and a MILF.

  19. The Wonder Woman costume is so fucking blasé and uninspired. I wish chicks would give it a rest.

    • Dox

      Here here.
      Bring on the slew of slutty “whatever” costumes women usually paint themselves in.

      After all, its not really Halloween till some chick dresses like a zombie hooker.

      Hey…. I don’t think I’ve actually seen that one yet.

  20. thatsadude

    She gets props in my book too! And she is beautiful in that costume!

  21. Denise is looking very good here. Lasso of truth me babe anytime

  22. Little Tongue

    If the little girl in the middle is supposed to be dressed as Pippi Longstocking, then her costume is outdated. Pippi is into porn, now, everyone knows that.

  23. Jenn

    Denise took those extra Sheen kids to raise, so now she’s like that pretty, popular cheerleader who is also sweet. That. BITCH! Damn it. I kinda love her a little.

  24. heey

    Her daughters and Charlie’s sons? How about her daughters with Charlie, and Charlie’s sons, or was that too long to write?

  25. life is cruel

    So is the other twin boy taking the picture??? Guess he’s going as the paparazzi. Also just love the nannies boots. So cute!

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