1. “Michelle, tell us why we lost our health plans Barrack said we could keep?”

    • “Well…….right wing puppet, it’s because your insurance company sucked and wasn’t providing you with all the required care you’re supposed to get. So…instead of stepping up and being a good insurance company, they just dropped you. Now you can get something better and most likely for less money.”

      • oh yeah, because whenever the government takes something over, they’re always able to do it better and more efficiently than private industry. $8,000 hammers. $5,000 toilets.
        Insurance companies were required by law to end policies that didn’t offer all the bloated coverage options of obamacare, so if you are a 50 year old guy whose policy didn’t cover in vitro fertilization and maternity leave, you lost your policy by force of law, not because the for profit insurance company which was making a profit selling you that policy decided they don’t want to make money anymore. Try replacing your policy through the government run exchanges and you’re in for a big increase in price, big increase in your deductible, and most definitely not a better policy.

      • schmidtler: those $8,000 hammers and $5,000 toilets that you right-wing morons are so fond of quoting were actually prices charged to the DOD by a supposedly efficient and honest PRIVATE company. Whenever those much-touted cost-efficient private contractors are involved in government work, it’s when the $1000 paper clips start to appear. Get your facts straight and turn off Fox News. Dick.

      • So making the decision to buy an afforable health plan with no maternity coverage since we are through having kids was a bad deal for us? Now I get a new plan, offering coverage I don’t want or need, and pay $250 more a month for it.
        You my friend are a moron.

      • Have ANY of you actually gone into the exchange and bought insurance? My friend who gave me the same line of bullshit about his family insurance going up to $1800 a month actually saved money instead of having it go up. The lady from the insurance company my employer uses actually suggested we check the exchange because we might get a better deal than what our employer covers. Until you actually personally check it out, shut up.

      • cc

        Google ‘Hough’ and ‘Ass’…you’ll feel better. I always do. Feel better I mean.

      • Dox

        It’s nice to see we can discuss things like reasonable, mature adults. I’d hate it if we resorted to schoolyard bully tactics and started throwing insults at one another, since its clear and apparent that not a single one of us is famous, attractive, wealthy, and/or powerful.

        I’d hate to think that my fellow Fishonians (that’s a word now, shut the fuck up and love it.), would turn their snarky ire on each other, rather than aim at subjects completely worthy of that special dark place in their souls.

        *taps foot impatiently.*

      • I personally know a guy who lost his private insurance because it was dropped due to new Fed regulations, the new policy that he can buy is $600.00 more a month with a higher deductible. He owns a landscaping business, doesn’t get any more real than that. The Govt CANNOT do anything more efficient than private industry, this is socialism.

  2. andie

    the never-aired snl katy perry blackface skit. it’s funny because lorne michael hates black women.

  3. PassingTrue

    Can you spell syncophant?

  4. “Explain to us again why a $684,000,000.00 website doesn’t work.”

  5. How come nobody invited Cookie Monster?

  6. Propaganda Street.

  7. crb

    So missy firsty lady, peese tells Elmo why you sucha insuffrable bitch who bust meesta prezzidents bawls onna nashional teevee?

    Elmo think, ‘ ‘Dafuq dis firsty ladee think she is? She no gets alleckded by peeples for sh**!’

  8. andie


  9. Mike Walker

    No need for concern… she doesn’t have a young son.

  10. cc

    Ah yes, the new muppet known as ‘West Palm Retiree’ on the right.

  11. Dox

    On a completely side note, I have this recurring nightmare that the muppets suddenly go feral, and are inflicted with some form of hand puppet rabies. All I see are head bobs and foam flying from their mouths.

    Anyone else have this dream?

  12. teddy

    good God is she ugly!

  13. “Elmo wants to know is this three way going to happen or what?”

  14. navvet75

    Ain’t she though?

  15. toopier

    Patrick Ewing is showing those puppets how to shoot a free throw.

  16. Andie

    “Miss First Lady? Elmo’s brain made from foam, but me still capable of understanding Obamacare does not involve death panels or microchips, costs a sliver of our insanely corrupt trillion-dollar defense budget, and will result in greater healthcare coverage for millions of Americans. (But as for the bill’s sleazy, destructive corporatism being a clear violation of the special-interest influence your husband came into office vowing to curb…lala-lala.)”

  17. G Spot Finder

    Same look I had when we had this horseshit healthplan shoved down our throats.

  18. Hope the people of America are proud that they have a gorilla for a first lady.

  19. What a stupid bitch. Just a dumb, worthless sand %igger. Seriously…I gotta go vomit now.


  21. Jessica

    As a college student and part time worker making about 12,000 per year my yearly cost for the low tier healthcare is 3,200.

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