1. Sandy learned that she needs to bring a gift for Zuko.

  2. “This IS my costume. I’m here as the hot chick too cool to dress up that is at every Halloween party.”

  3. Schadenfreude

    No, I think I’m on the guest list. It must be under the name “Feldman”.

  4. eilliM

    Um. I’m pretty sure she’s supposed to be Sandy from Grease.

  5. anonymous

    Dude next to her looks more like Adam Sandler than Adam does these days.

  6. Whoa. Very nice.

  7. Dox

    Seriously mixed costumage….

    I can hear the song from grease in my head, but then this little voice pipes in…
    “We got a Blackhawk down….. say again, we got a black hawk down.”

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