1. Kel

    I can’t believe Sandra Bullock dressed her kid up in black face..

  2. CrashHell

    Hey Sandra, do you like fish sticks? Come on, do you like fish sticks? Do you? Do you like ‘em?

  3. That Trayvon Martin costume is really tacky.

  4. which one is Melissa McCarthy?

  5. Now that’s a big raincoat.

  6. Is this the new trend, either/or costumes? The kid is a skeleton or a bat, and they’re ZZ Top or cod fishermen?

  7. Minky Wail

    Trick or Treating? Thank God! For a second I thought it was a scene from The Heat 2.

  8. crb

    That young and they’re already learning to steal jackolanterns from fishermen…

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    Louis is wondering why the bus doesn’t make a beeping sound when it backs up.

  10. “Admit that you stole my costume idea and you can come with us… ADMIT IT!”

  11. cc

    Dnananananananannananannanaana Blackman!

  12. So they stayed close after they filmed The Heat. I loved that movie.

  13. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    The return of PR Baby!

  14. Not all Gorton’s fishermen are to be trusted.

  15. C’mon… someone out there has to know some more “Captain Hindgrinder” jokes…

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