1. Hugh G. Rection

    Who made her look worse, Chris Brown or the tattoo artist?

  2. How can this picture be? I thought Chris Brown was in anger rehab?

  3. sad and alone on Halloween, Rihanna resorted to choking herself.

  4. andie

    Will the comments below comparing this to JH’s blackface be more horrifying or terrifying?

  5. Dox

    Yeah. Don’t care. Didn’t really care about the blackface either. Really don’t care about the Alabaster Whore… Don’t care that Chris Brown kicked her ass. And don’t care if she poses naked with a penguin.

    I do however, enjoy the image of her getting choked.

  6. donkeylicks

    Sure everyone throws a shit fit when some idiot does blackface for Halloween but when Rihanna does white face.. wait, you can kind of see her upper boob there.

  7. cc

    Don’t let me stop you.

  8. Don’t tease me. Finish it!

  9. from my heart and from my hand,
    why don’t people understand my intention?
    bits and pieces,
    set out what teacher said to do
    living tissue, warm flesh,
    my creation, is it real?

    sorry, i am drunk on last night’s leftover halloween booze and listening to Oingo boingo. Okay, you can thumb me down now

  10. Good Lord, that tattoo keeps getting worse.

  11. This is awfully hard to masturbate to… I mean seriously, I can’t hear her struggling to breathe.

  12. An ape. Wants to be another Michael-Jackson-like-Whitey?

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