1. I would… I really would.

  2. “And this is the ‘Dumb Whore’ filter…”

  3. Minky Wail

    “OMG bitches! I have the same cover on my phone” – Lohanthony.

  4. It shows you how stupid the admins of this site are that there are more than one pics of her in this article.

  5. How vain are you that your phone case is a picture of yourself.

  6. mike

    I am not looking forward to Ellen DeGeneres doing this one next year.

  7. Fucking sexy bitch.

  8. Dr Plaid

    She must be the most insecure bitch in Hollywood. Despite any apparent talent other then ‘rapping’ real fast and making stupid faces, she seems to have a somewhat reasonable music career. (insert sad comment on today’s music scene here). Why does she need to show her bolt on fake tits all the time? She must know that she is one failed single away from the C list and dancing with the stars. Like zero self esteem.

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