1. Please, please, please, please let the Crips drive by.

  2. On Fox this is what passes as Hi-larious stuff.

  3. FOX News Halloween:
    Really rich white people dressed as other really rich white people who pretend to be backwoods rednecks in order to profit off poor people who will buy t-shirts and beer cozies with their pictures on them. ‘Merica and Baby Jesus, y’all!!

    • Those really rich white people who pretend to be rednecks pretty much are rich rednecks who created a profitable business in a garage that they were able translate into a very profitable TV program. That’s what you’re supposed to do, try worshiping somebody who made something of themselves as opposed to someone who tries to tear that apart and give it to you.

  4. Are we sure this isn’t the Kardashian sisters dressed up as the Fox news people?

  5. cc

    I have nothing against the guys on Duck Dynasty. However, I am sick to fucking death of hearing about them.

  6. Dox

    Apparently they all shop at the same 99 cent store.

  7. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    While the guys grew theirs naturally, the ladies had to shave their vjayjays and then glue on the resulting offcuts.

  8. Fox news is seeking answers to the question “How does it feel to experience your sexual awakening in an all girls school”.

  9. Rich white people humour. Only funny to them.

  10. Combined IQ of about 85.

  11. “Dick Dynasty”, weekday mornings on Fox.

  12. SamSpayed

    Fish, I’m pretty sure those are in the right order.

  13. Looks like ZZ Top.

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