1. I would eat three meals a day out of that ass crack.

  2. I have a urge to bounce a quarter off something?

  3. I think you can buy that shelf at IKEA. It’s called LARGASS.

  4. She should totally get a little monkey or Peter Dinklage to sit up there while she goes about her business.

  5. crb

    That’s Got to be some kind of CoCo junior implantage going on there

    • crb

      You know what, this calls for some investigation. -Brace yourself, Sophie, I am buying my plane ticket on Orbitz as we speak.

  6. That’s a great pumpkin Charlie Brown!

  7. cc

    Resisting the desire to make yourself look ridiculous is harder than I thought.

  8. God damn! I think I’m in love.

  9. if my wife wanted a boob job, I’d say, “you’re crazy”.
    If she said she wanted the same surgeon, same ass job that Sophie Turner had done, I’d say, “who do I make the check out to?”

  10. I want that ass as my pillow.

  11. And for a while I actually thought it was natural. This pic disproves that, or photoshop…

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