1. So he’s visiting Katie Price’s vagina?

  2. Inner Retard

    His aids repeatedly asked the Mayor of London not to walk around in a helmet. But he always said: If Captain Picard can have his therapist on the bridge, I CAN WEAR MY HELMET!

  3. Schadenfreude

    Once you get used to the rush of being shot out of a cannon, you’re hooked for life!

  4. It wasn’t until much later, after he pulled the rip cod and his child’s school books flew out of what he assumed was his parachute pack, that he realized how absolutely fucking fucked he was.

  5. Dressing up as a retarded kid for Halloween is a bit much.

  6. cc

    I live in a city where Rob Ford is mayor. I can no longer make jokes about other mayors, with the possible exception of Marion Berry…and even then.

  7. Dox

    And let the short bus comments roll in….

  8. The effects of doping have finally caught up with Lance Armstrong.

  9. Man, Darryl Hammond has really hit rock bottom.

  10. oldfool

    Does his Mommy cut his hair with Kindergarten scissors?

  11. I fall on those people movers occasionally too…

  12. alexxx3488

    That Gary Busey costume is spot-on. Totally nailed the court-ordered head-butt prevention helmet.

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