1. Hugh G. Rection

    When did Kirsten Dunst turn 40?

  2. the munchies are a cruel mistress

  3. George P Burdell

    With advance in western medicine a snaggletoothectomy is now an out-patient surgery.

  4. Wow, in this picture, her tits really do look huge.

  5. She must have been having an attitude adjustment.

  6. She’s just pissed they told her nobody has invented a pill that cures ugly yet.

  7. cc

    Ten seconds of Melancholia that weren’t agony..her laying naked by a river bank (you’d be surprised how good she looked).

  8. Dox

    She is not going to age well.

  9. She just gave up after Melancholia, didn’t she?

  10. BubbaCo

    Constipation sucks!

  11. “Damn it… so I’m just fat? That’s it, I’m getting a second opinion.”

  12. My reaction at first glance was; “Wow, Jane Curtin has put on some weight”. Then I saw the caption.

  13. Looks like she got Hamm’d.

  14. heey

    white bra and black tuck-in-tummy panties

    check the see through of your clothes once in a while…

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