1. The Pope

    If she’s looking at me then I need to think of something witty to say. Also, pants.

  2. Cock Dr

    Well TGIF. Hope blogger feels better and gets his game back on next week.

  3. Was that really five? It felt like four of those pictures were the same.

  4. SIN

    Nope. No career options over there either.

  5. Lohan would give both tits for a body like this.

  6. Sup

    What the fuck. Who is this bitch? All right, you know what? I won’t bang her. Fuck this bitch. Who the fuck is this bitch? I’m not banging this bitch. Look at this bitch, who the fuck is this bitch? what the fuck is this bitch doing? Na. Fuck that. I’m not banging her. Fuck that bitch.

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