1. ChickenHawk

    I can see what Miranda Kerr sees in him, she loves clowns…

  2. Contusion

    Orlando Bloom runs out of pants, forges on.

  3. Pirates of The Sweatpants

  4. catapostrophe


  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Yep, that dude had unprotected sex with that really hot woman.

  6. SSHGuru

    He’s already won. So what does he care what people see him in.

  7. JPC

    Those are the exact same pants Megan Fox was wearing in a “Crap We Missed” post about a week ago……

  8. The Pope

    There’s a guy that knows he’s married to a supermodel.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Nolte would top that with a string vest. He’s no Nolte.

  10. Everytime I see a dude in sweatpants, I think about the old story “Macaroni and Beef at Ryan’s steakhouse”, and just assume from there.

    Google it. Just do it.

  11. Cock Dr

    Yeah, purple is definitely out on my preferred color list now.

  12. dj

    He looks old.

  13. cc

    He sleeps with Miranda Kerr. *fastens noose around neck*

  14. West Hollywood? Yep, he’s definitely in the right place.

  15. Somethingoriginal


  16. Hank E. Ring

    Orlando decides to stay in character as he leaves the set of the new Walmart shoppers movie.

  17. haha!

    wow , worst dresser evr

  18. Horrified

    There’s no accounting for (supermodel) taste…

  19. Orlando, …….Frec-It-…. Frec-it-it….


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