1. Contusion

    …the next, you are out.

  2. Complete and total douche. Are those parachute pants? And please put the damn phone in your pocket!

  3. Did he have a growth spurt on the plane?

  4. And I thought Nolte didn’t give a fuck but this guy doesn’t even let the fucks manifest…

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Hope the racists don’t see this. They’d probably make some joke about a flying monkey.

  6. it had to be said

    Dude. You’re single now. You don’t have to wear stupid-assed pants like that anymore.

  7. Are those gaiters or spats? I’m weak on supplementary footwear.

  8. I miss my daily Dinklage…the sunset Seal just isn’t the same.

  9. “Mmm. Yeah. Back to the days when you know the attention’s on Seal for Seal, and not because I’m with supermodel ass.”

  10. The Brown Streak

    She’s gonna sue the scar off of him.

  11. Little known fact: Breaking up with a supermodel adds six inches to your height.

    Little known fact 2: The six inches comes from your penis.

  12. cc

    You never know when you’ll have to go straight from LAX to a clam digging session.

  13. Somethingoriginal

    In every photo there’s that one black guy looking smug because the rest of the world knows he’s tired of banging a supermodel.

  14. j/k

    Where’s the white bitches?

  15. Bigalkie

    Seal hits the jackpot as he lands the lead in the latest Disney Insta-Classic ” Shoemaker ” the story of a humble lawn jockey who comes to life.

  16. Clyde Baxter

    “All you mother fuckers better get those God Damn cameras the hell away from my camera room”, he was heard saying from a distance.

  17. cutthecrap

    somebody please club this Seal! stat!

  18. Chief

    Hmm, pretty easy to see why she dumped him.

  19. haha!

    seal is one ugly mofo

  20. on the prowl….

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