1. Contusion

    Claire Danes guest stars in the new Cirque du Soleil show, Bacque Dore’.

  2. doogleberg

    I had NO IDEA that’s what “receiving Hasty Pudding” meant.

  3. SSHGuru

    I appears to be vanilla pudding.

  4. nick

    yeah, she’s receiving all right!

  5. The Pope

    The secret ingredient is…PENIS!

  6. Ol’ puddin’ seems to be taking his time…not hasty at all.

  7. spacedust

    Harvard seems like the kind of place where important things happen.

  8. The Brown Streak

    This expressionist dance portrays the origins of the team name Harvard Crimson.

  9. Japanese producers are already taping a series of X rated videos based on this picture.

  10. cc

    She’s about to be battered.

  11. Honey

    It looks like it’s time for a “bend over” sandwich!

  12. Mumbler

    Jared Leto just isn’t bringing his butch side to the “My So Called Life” reunion.

  13. Swearin

    I heard Homeland was a wierd show, but goddamn…

  14. Seems like overkill, but if i had a professional ass wiper, I suppose i would dress him up in costumes too.

  15. Owen Nilson

    Give you an idea of the direction we are going as a society, 2023 Snookie will be Puddings woman of the year and Justin Bieber will their man of the year.

  16. This thread is pure side-splitting gold.

  17. nahhbicthitsme

    looks like there fucking ;)

  18. ..and now, for my next act….

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