1. Richard McBeef

    Yeah, Fergie definitely looked better in that wedding dress from yesterday.

  2. cc

    Ouch. That girl didn’t even look up.

  3. Trixie

    I see that Kathleen Turner has finally started her hormone replacement therapy.

  4. baron of all media

    Dude Fabio, you really need to give up the look that got you famous in the 80′s and forgotten in the 90′s.

  5. Donald Trump

    Wow – this is one hideous looking man.

  6. Lerxt

    I can’t believe it’s not Fabio, oh wait… it is him… yikes!

  7. Lerxt

    Did he forget his umbrella and hit with a surprise rain storm?

  8. I just had this really funny thought. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he was like riding a roller coaster and like a bird hit him in the face? I don’t know where my mind comes up with these things.

    • youcandieNOW

      LOL! When that happened he didn’t have an “OMG, I’m covered in bird guts!” reaction, but rather he looked kind of like he does in that pic. Except with way more blood.

  9. ingen haagen daaz

    where is his neck? did he lose a few vertebrae?

  10. It had to be said

    Damn that chick is ugly as hell.

  11. Asoto

    His face should host a show called “When Birds Attack: The Aftermath”.

  12. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    K-Fed has finally gone to see Brittany’s hair stylist.

  13. Hey Fabio, how come you never wear bangs?

  14. The Critical Crassness

    Madonna is definitely lookin’ old and haggard!

  15. kimmykimkim

    I don’t have a joke here. Fabio has already taken care of that for me.


    I feel so bad for that poor goose!

  17. I suddenly have an urge not to eat turkey anymore.

  18. Can anyone tell me what exactly you’re supposed to store in that thigh pocket?

  19. RHawk

    Old turds never die. They just dry up.

  20. Mark R

    She looks like she just got front row tickets to a WNBA game

  21. lori

    Word to the wise: Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in an era. This is not attractive.

  22. Kaitlin

    It appears his body is on backwards.

  23. Sin

    He walked by that girl and said: Hello, I’m Fabio:. She is Googling him to see who he was.

  24. tlmck

    The original Kardashian.

  25. Mike Styles®

    He looks like hes crop dusting the whole city block

  26. Shawn

    Wow, Henry Rollins looks like he is really at peace with himself…

  27. Tom Cruise will be jumpin up and down on Oprah’s couch again if he catches a glimpse of this gal.

  28. c-h


  29. UnholyKrep

    Now it appears Iggy Pop is abusing Steroids. Lust for life, indeed.

  30. vlad

    The goose-in-the-face injury was worse than he let on

  31. Steelerchick

    I can’t believe it’s not butta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. As attractive as he ever was.

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