1. cc

    Oh good, another example of the cruelty of time. Somewhere in the basement I still have a pic of her in an SI calendar from back in the heyday. You’d never know it. I hope I haven’t changed as much. Please, someone, reassure me.

  2. DeucePickle

    Wow, Dancing With The Stars really did Kirstey Alley some good !

  3. sparkymcgee

    Hey my dick from 20 years ago….

    You happy now? Never jerk it to someone famous because you will have to see pictures of them 20 years later.

  4. Ever notice how old divorced couples start to look like one another? Now that she has Rod Stewart’s hair, perhaps he’s going to sprout some breasts.

  5. ingen haagen daaz

    goldie hawn called. she wants her jowls back

  6. sexyman48

    She looks like Alf’s neighbor.

  7. hbw

    From the thumbnail I thought this was Kate Gosselin. My dick just smacked me upside the head and said “I told you this was a bad idea either way”.

  8. So you’re divorced from him now…tell me, is that whole “24 ounces” story true or not?

  9. The Critical Crassness

    Did Phyllis Diller have another facelift?


    I woulda aged 30 yrs when i saw Rod Stewart naked!

  11. H6E6X6

    Looks like Kate Gosselin fell off the wagon

  12. Hey, isn’t that Zachary Quinto sitting in the background?

    • Fletch

      Oh, I know that dude. I didn’t until the last pic even though I did see the recent Star Trek movie.

  13. RHawk

    One thing I have learned from the Fish: Frappuccino means hotness is no longer a priority.

  14. Christie Brinkley took this picture and titled it “I was driving when you were born”.

  15. Sin

    Who are we kidding? All of us would still love to have sex with her.

  16. Kiwi

    As a New Zealander, I’m familiar with what her mother looks like. Rachel’s well on her way to being her clone.

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