1. MarkM

    Not surprisingly, Urth “All You Can Eat” Cafe never opened its doors again!

  2. Codot

    Wow, those chicks both have such sweet tits.

  3. Derp

    Oh come on! You are not in your 20′s, nor in the 70s. Button your shirt up! No one wants to see your man boobs or beer gut.

  4. Trixie

    I can’t tell if I’m looking at cleavage or plumber’s crack.

  5. cc

    Um, following up on my previous comment, this is something of a disappointment.

  6. TurkusMaximus

    Depends on your definition of good. Good for snark….not so good for anything else.

  7. dontlooknow

    If you ask me, they’re both dogs.

  8. Hugh Jass

    I like her affordable hooker muumuu

  9. SteveG

    She’s like Mt. Everest; I HAVE to climb it because it’s there. Plus I love when Dog cries.

  10. sparkymcgee


    Can you imagine what their room smells like after they fuck?

  11. Colin

    Seigfried and Roy?

  12. baron of all media

    These two monsters eating up all the salmon stock are driving up the price of lox in Brooklyn!!!

  13. Al Honey

    Looks like a girl I graduated with.. Tara was her name

  14. Look out Dog! There’s two fugitives hiding in Beth’s shirt. Two fat, leathery, sweaty fugitives. Maybe wear gloves…

  15. bdog821

    The sidewalks can’t take much more weight judging from the cracks.

  16. Choochoo

    I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts
    There they are all standing in a row
    Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head
    Give them a twist a flick of the wrist
    That’s what the showman said

  17. At first, I misread it as, “Duane Dog Chapman and his wife Urth.” Somehow it made more sense that way.

  18. It had to be said

    I would like to spend some time with those titties.

  19. Bucky Barnes

    Imagine how much it costs these two to look so trashy.

  20. Deacon Jones

    Only in America folks!

  21. youcandieNOW

    Those chicks are busted! Who’s complaining about Shauna Sand now?

  22. DogBoy

    Dog the Whale Hunter.

  23. Asoto

    Those must be steel high heels…

  24. Do_Freebird

    How do I find the submit button now that I’ve poked my eyes out with these rusty nails ?

  25. Cock Dr

    The site now has a mission.
    Obtain & post bikini pics of the little wife.
    CoCo & the Kardashian clan need some competition.

  26. Deryn

    It must be a tough life as Beth Chapman’s strappy sandals.

  27. Soulmates really do exist.

  28. KC

    I’d like to see a scientific survey that compares the times these two have sex with Los Angeles earthquakes.

  29. The Critical Crassness

    One word” #winning…….

    • Technically, it was one word with half a quotation mark, followed by a hashtag used for twitter, followed by a word that lost its humour some 100,000 times before, which I gather was your attempt at sarcasm, followed by some period marks. But I don’t want to be picky or anything.

  30. That better be a bag full of eye-drops and Viagra, brother.

  31. She looks nervous. Better get her back in the water.

  32. Oh, the huge manatees!


    Oh to have just one huge tit.

  34. Nice to see them getting all dolled up for their date to Walmart

  35. I learned something today. Sea lions have no fashion sense whatsoever.

  36. Sin

    He is in Utah looking for those girls who will agree to be married to a man with several wives. He is sick of looking at the Cankle Cow all the time.

  37. Senor Trout

    Stripper heels utterly inappropriate for person wearing them…a top-five all-time mullet…Oakley’s at least five years out of style…beloved by rednecks nationwide…what more do these two need to do to score a pre-manufactured home endorsement deal?

  38. tlmck

    Ken and Barbie at 75 years old.

  39. Not pictured: The white convertible 1987 Corvette with monogrammed mudflaps that brought them here.

  40. I’d like to sit these two down in seperate rooms and have frank discussions about age (and weight) appropriate wardrobe choices. Then I’d like to punch each of them in the neck for making me wonder what the hell is wrong with them.

  41. Mike Styles®

    I wanna see how far those melons drop with no support.

  42. Brennan Haley

    Holy Crap – Forget Bin Laden, this is huge! Hulk Hogan and Mariah Carey are a couple. That dawg!

  43. Allie Reno

    Ew.. this is disgusting. Hahahahaaha the American stereotype! I bet they have bigmacs for every meal.

  44. Nice shirt, do want.

  45. Ismoss

    I cant imagine the shear force being applied to the shoe straps by those cankles.

  46. c-h

    Brad & Angelina haven’t been the same since adopting that buffet…

  47. Why is Kim Kardashian walking backwards with Doug the Bounty Hunter?

  48. UnholyKrep

    Udderly preposterous.

  49. cc

    The people who take the People of Walmart pics obbiously took a road trip.

  50. choniesxxx

    cuz I’m proud to be an American…..
    I want to embrace individuality, diversity, do whatever the fuck you wantedness, but really? Really? Do they own mirrors?

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