1. cc

    Argh, when I was at university every second guy looked like this. Dude you aren’t in first year Fine Arts.

  2. baron of all media

    This guy’s wearing a shirt with his own face on it, and I still don’t know who he is, but by the looks of his jeans he had money about 17 years ago.

  3. Maybe next time he won’t steal the mutant powers of a super douche.

  4. ingen haagen daaz

    didnt they kill osama over the weekend?

  5. adolf hitler

    jim caviezel. passion of the christ 2: sugar tits

  6. Hey, isn’t that the paparazzi? Of all the days for my Che Guevara shirt to be dirty!

  7. The Critical Crassness

    Ben Stiller has certainly let himself go!


    Sure thats not borat?

  9. meta4

    Say it isn’t so, Serpico

  10. The key to not being recognized when you want to go out for a nice walk is to wear a stupid hat, dark sunglasses, a beard, and be someone nobody has heard of.

  11. Sin

    I’m just going to ignore the photographers and conitnue to play pocket pool.

  12. TomFrank

    I love how “no one’s heard of” this guy. I suppose no one saw the latest Star Trek movie, either.

  13. Brennan Haley

    So all this guy has to do is shave, drink four gallons of Fat Flush, put on some blue lycra and some chewed up Hubba Bubba on his ears and he becomes Spock. Fascinating.

  14. sarcastic bombastic

    Dane Cook incognito?

  15. Jill_Ess

    I still don’t know who this guy is.

  16. Double D

    Spock became a hipster.

  17. backlash

    He’s gay, right?

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